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Creating with Magnuson Custom Stamps

Happy Friday! Today I'm sooooo excited to share something that Nic Magnuson of Magnuson Custom Stamps and I have been working on! If you didn't know, Nic and Whit create custom stamps and they are just as amazing as all of Unity's stamps... but they are custom made for you. So I had this idea to create something similar to a wax seal... check it out!

We often spend so much time creating cards that will be enjoyed by our loved ones. But what if you could sprinkle just a wee bit more joy by decorating the envelope with a little personal touch. As a crafter, I think we can all appreciate the little details. This fun new stamp is so easy to use and can be used on your cards as well as your envelopes... check out the video below for some ideas!

Don't you love that monogram stamp/seal?! Just such a great way to customize your card or envelopes. I would have loved this for my wedding invitations or thank you cards!

You can stamp this or heat emboss it for a wax seal look. You can also us the circle stamp and use other simple stamps like those that are in the advent calendar. I can't wait to see more ideas when you get yours!

This gorgeous Embossing/Debossing Stamp just compliments the card and gives it an extra fancy look to your custom cards! But it doesn't stop there... check out the custom stamps for the front of your envelopes!

Isn't that perfect! I don't know about you, but my penmanship has changed since I type more than I write, so these simple lines with a pretty embellishment stamp makes your envelopes that much prettier!

Head over to Magnuson Custom Stamps to see how you can create custom stamps for your cards, envelopes and stationary! Oh, and if you're curious about the cards featured in these photos, below are the Unity Stamp supplies used:

  • Botanical Background Stamp

  • I Did. I Do. I Will. Stamp Set

  • Scallops & Rectangles Nesting Dies

  • On My Mind Die

  • Ivory May Arts Burlap String

  • Black Licorice Luxury Card Stock

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed these crafty ideas. Until next time...

Happy Crafting!

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