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Sew Lovely!

Hey everyone!  This is Julissa of and today I'll be heading to an awesome crafting retreat for the weekend with some of my favorite crafty friends.  I'm so fortunate that I can go away for a few days and do what I love!  But before I go on a crafting adventure, I wanted to share my latest card series.  This week, I use Altenew's "Embroidered Blooms."  This set has sooooooo much potential ways to use it.  I opted to demonstrate the same stamp layout, with a different set of colors.  Let's check it out!

What drew me to this stamp set was the fact that it made it looks like the florals were sewn on to the card.  I love the idea of stitch work on a card, but I don't know that I have that kind of patience, LOL.  If you do, please share some of your work as I absolutely love how it looks.  This lovely set allows you to give that amazing stitched look without all the hard work.

Above shows the layering technique for each of the stamps. 

For this first card, I used a light peach, an orange and a red along with an olive green to stamp the layers.  I then used the center dot for the small flower to fill in some of the white space between the images.

For my second card, I used a navy, blue purple and a light lavender along with olive to stamp the layers.  Both have that detailed look of embroidering.  Which do you like more?  Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for joining me on this blog and I encourage you to subscribe to see more of the crafts using stamps from  Until next time...

Happy Crafting!

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