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Whoooo Did That?

I am over the moon with this new stamp by Unity Stamp Company! This sweet owl is perfectly perched on the crescent moon sending you a sweet sentiment. How can you resist? Well, this post is not just about this stamp... this is about a different way to color. For this image, I simply used dots. Yep... just dots. So if you're not sure about your coloring, this is an awesome alternative.

You can use two, three or four different shades of a color like I did with the moon. Use darker dots for shading and form a gradient as you use lighter colors. You can also use the spacing between the dots to make the area darker or lighter. I used this same technique on the owl in blue! Fun, right?

Here's another card I made using some of this same technique. I hope you found this idea fun and a great way to enjoy your next card creation!

Pssst.... So Unity Stamp Company is having their biggest sale of the year RIGHT NOW! Check their sale page out and happy shopping... and then happy crafting.

Link to Unity Stamp Company:

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