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Do Not Adjust Your Screen 📺👻

Buzz... buzz... remember the old days of watching the television and having to click through those static channels? Well, certain scary movies have used that same static to frighten us. And just the other day, I stumbled across a YouTube video that demonstrated how to draw a static image... and I thought, 🤔 I wonder if I could do this with a stamp?!  

Well, it worked.  This SUPER easy and pretty cool technique is a fun way to give your spooky stamps a weird static effect using the new Sassy & Crafty Stamps September 2020 release called "It's All About the Boos."

CLICK ABOVE to check out the video for a quick tutorial!

I would love to see you try this technique and share it with me!  Tag me @papergemsbyjules on Facebook or Instagram with your static effect card!  I love a spooky card! 

Thanks again for stopping by and make sure to subscribe to hear more about these awesome new Sassy & Crafty stamps and learn fun techniques.

Have a hauntingly Sassy & Crafty Day!


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