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Golden Majestic Moths

Happy Friday! It's Jules of Paper Gems by Jules again on the blog and today I'm touching on another topic that you all wanted to know more about... foiling! And if we're talking about foiling, we need to talk about the amazing Unity toner card fronts. I mean, anytime Unity collaborates with another company, we all win! These Unity/Decofoil card fronts are sooooo great to work with, so let's dive in!

Today's card will feature the NEW sweet little dachshund stamp called "Such a Weenie" and the Majestic Moths Toner Card Front along with some Gold DecoFoil. And note that all of these products are available at the Unity Stamp Co. online shop!

To start, color in your images. The great thing about these toner card fronts is that you aren't bound to foil them. You can color them and love them for the beautiful designs that they are, but today... we're going to have some fun with foil.

This is my foiling recipe. Now I won't say that it's 100% fool proof because, well, it's art. However, there are really two factors that will prevent you from getting a completely flat covered foiling: wrinkles in the foil, or space between the foil and the paper. So your best bet is to add shims. You'll need to test your laminator to see what works best, but I use thick watercolor paper on top, then the foil, then the toner card front and last a piece of card stock. All of this goes inside the parchment paper provided with the toner card fronts, like a sandwich.

I added some very light blue dots to fill in the space in the background and added this cute little pup. But if you're still following along, I have another crafty tip for you. Years ago, I went an event in NYC and got to Kathy Racoosin of The Daily Marker and she taught me a great way to add texture to an animal when coloring with Copics! Take a little bit of colorless blender and add it to a terry cloth (you only need a little) and gently tap it on the section of the animal. The colorless blender alcohol will push away the color in various spots giving it a more textured look.

Don't you love that?! I love learning new techniques and sharing them with all my crafty friends. Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you got some new ideas for your next crafting adventure.

Until next time... Happy Crafting!


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