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You Are Braver Than You Know

The second I saw this stamp set, I had this vision.  But beyond the homage to artist J. Howard Miller's poster, this girl is strong.  Stronger than her muscles.  Stronger than her fierce look.  Just like you!

I've been overwhelmed lately with trying to balance a new job, while I wait for my old job to return... trying to balance kids at home when I'm at work... trying to balance a love of crafting with the demands of a household... and trying to balance my time with my family and the much needed time to destress.  Some days are better than others.  But as I color this strong, bold woman... I know she's got her struggles too, but she boasts her muscles.  She's strong.  I'm strong.

This past weekend I spent 3 days mountain biking with my boyfriend.  He broke both of his ankles a few years ago and here he is riding up and down this mountains without even panting.  I had no excuse.  I found my strength.  I pushed myself.  I climbed those inclines.  I did it.  


You are strong.  You're capable of so much.  Give yourself credit.  Empower yourself to try something new and don't give up on yourself.  You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve when you keep pushing!  I hope you found this stamp, this blog, these colors... any of it... inspiring!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of all of the AMAZING stamps and stencils in the July 2020 release! Seriously... I keeps getting better!

Thanks for following along and

have a Sassy & Crafty day!


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