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A Big Hug for You

It's Satur-Yay and I'm sending you a Big Hug featuring the new "Floral Thank You" stamp set!  Hi everyone, this is Julissa and I'm happy to share this fun card made with soft colors and a friendly message.

For this card, I started by stamping the background with three of the florals.  By sticking the three on a stamping block, I'm able to twist and turn the block to make a random tone-on-tone pattern.  Next I stamped the tag, and colored it in.  Last I stamped three bouquets and cut them out.  

If you struggle with lining sentiment stamps, I use a piece of clear plastic over where I'd like to stamp it and see if it's straight.  Once it's right, I remove the plastic and go for it.  And remember... it's only paper!

To continue the ribbon, I used yellow ribbon from my stash and adhered that first.  Next, I added foam tape behind the tag and lined it up over the ribbon.  The florals were also added with foam tape.  For a finishing touch, I added three purple buttons.  

Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you find some inspiration, whether it's using some of those smaller stamps for a background or adding some fun embellishments, like buttons.  Try something new today and have a Sassy & Crafty Day!

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