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Brewin' Up Trouble

What a witch!  This new Sassy Girls - Witchy stamp set is so sassy, she's bound to put a spell on you!  This is one of Sassy & Crafty's biggest stamps measuring just about 5" tall!  

For this card, I decided to use reds and black for her outfit.  I even kept her hair a white color, but those thigh high boots keep her young and sassy!  Don't let that sweet face fool you, she's brewin' up trouble!  The background was created using the "Web" stencil.  I used white pigment ink over black card stock and heat set it.  Next, I rotated the stencil and used glitter paste over it again to add a subtle texture to the background.  

Check out the Sassy & Crafty Inspiration Facebook page for more ideas for this Sassy Girl.  She'll be happy to swoop into your craft room for some crafty trouble.

Thanks again for stopping by and remember to stay Sassy & Crafty!


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