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Coloring on the Go

I love to craft, but in order to stay healthy... I gotta get my butt in gear sometimes. So a year or so ago, I tried mountain biking with my guy who's been an avid rider since I met him 10 years ago. We've traveled to really cool places for long weekends of riding. When we ride, we may spend a few hours out there, but when we're done, I'd love to unwind with some coloring. The issue is, how do you pack light and still bring crafty supplies. Well, I think I may have found an amazing option!

Take a minute and look at this awesome little booklet of watercolors by Viviva. This slim booklet contains 16 vibrant colors that are ready to slide into your travel bag on any trip. And when I say vibrant, you'll be amazed at how bold each color is!! 👇🏼

Today, I combined Crimson, Gold Ochre & Chrome Yellow for the mondo size poppy flower from Unity Stamp Company's "Unusual Day Poppy" stamp set. I started with the crimson and then added spots of chrome yellow to added a little depth. For the center of the flower, I used the gold ochre color. For the leave, I used Sap Green. And as you can see, these colors remain bold even when saturated.

This little 2.75" x 5.375" color sheet pack is just what a traveling crafter needs. Each section is divided by a waterproof layer to avoid colors getting mixed up and cross-contaminated. It also has a little stick on color pallet for your to mix colors and make more beautiful options to color with.

Check out this great video of an amazing artist using these beautiful watercolors to paint this beautiful image using a water brush pen.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you find some inspiration from this latest creation and consider investing in this affordable crafty solution for the crafter on the go.

For more information head over to and get yours!

Until next time... Happy Crafting!


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