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Copic Lighting and Shading

Happy Friday! I hope you're all gearing up for a wonderful weekend. This is Jules of Paper Gems by Jules and today I'm sharing some cards using the latest Kit of the Month: Smile Wider Laugh Longer. I'm such a HUGE fan of this subscription because it's such a great mix of stamps that work well together as well as other stamp sets through out Unity (and even other companies). Today, I picked out two images from this kit to show how to create lighting and shadowing using Copic markers.

This image is the first thing that pulled me in. In this image, she is wearing a fuzzy hat that looks exactly like a fun hat that I have, so I pulled it out and used that as inspiration. In order to create the illusion that the sun is shining on her, there needs to be shading to support that. Start by deciding where the point of light is; I chose the upper, right-hand corner. From here, I colored everything with the darkest color on the left and getting lighter as it pointed to that corner.

(Misc. Stamping Tip: To keep this one layered, I stamped the sentiment first and then used the backing over the sentiment, and then stamped the girl. So, keep the backing of your stamps for quick masking.)

Copic colors used:

  • Hat & Scarf: G99, YG67, YG63, G24

  • Sweater: W6, W4, W2, W0

  • Jeans: B99, B97, B95, B93

  • Hair: E89, E87, E84

  • Skin: E25, E23, E13, E21

  • Snow: BG000

For my second card, these beautiful tulips just had to get some ink. And honestly, I just needed a quick break from all the holiday crafting. For this card, I just wanted to have some shading to create depth. This was done by using a darker pink on the bottom of the tulips and darker greens on the bottom of the leaves and where the leaves were not facing a light source above.

(Misc. Stamping Tip: Need a ribbon to match your Copic colored image, color your ribbon with your Copics! I had a thin sheer organza ribbon and used R22 to color the ribbon so it matched the tulips. Always test an edge before coloring the whole thing, just in case.)

Copic colors used:

  • Tulips: BV11, BV000 R24, R22, R11, R20

  • Leaves: G46, G07, G24

  • Birch Vase: W6, W4, W2, W0

  • Other Flowers: BV11, BV000, Y17

These are just two examples from this amazing Unity Kit of the Month. If you're not a subscriber, consider it... it's guaranteed happy mail! I hope you've found some inspiration in coloring as well as some stamping tips. Thanks so much for stopping by today and until next time...

Happy Crafting!

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