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You Color My World

Hi there!  It's Julissa here, back to share another awesome way to use some of the newly released stamps and stencils!  For such a long time, I only used inks with stencils... but there are SOOOOOOO many ways to use stencils! And this card, well, it's on fire!

The new "Psychedelic Twist" stencil might just hypnotize you into getting this and a few more things at the Sassy & Crafty shop!  I used an orange ink first, and then spun the stencil 90 degrees and used yellow ink.  It looks so cool, but why not take it to the next level.  I spun it one more time and used DecoFoil Transfer Gel and let it sit.  Once it was dry, I foiled it with orange foil and boy did it look like lava! 🌋 

Hot diggity, how cool (or should I say hot) is this foiling look!  These stencils are so much fun!  To wrap it up, I used the "Color My World' stamp set for the sentiment and cut it out with a circle die.  A couple drops of black and white Nuvo drops and this card is ready to light up someone's mail!  

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you felt a newfound fire for your stencil collection!  Make sure to post any of your Sassy & Crafty creations on the Sassy & Crafty Inspiration Club Facebook Page and if you were inspired by this card, I'd love for you to tag me. 

Until next time... have a Sassy & Crafty Day!

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