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You've Got Mail

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived... the release of Sassy Sentiments 2.0.  I love this zingers and you will too.  I had to combine this Sassy Sentiment with Ready Raccoon on her little iPad. 

Fun story, I met my significant other almost 10 years ago through an online dating company.  When we met, he told me about his company and it just seemed so fake. So the rest of the night, I was upset because I thought he was lying.  Well, thank goodness for the internet, because I was able to confirm he wasn't just trying to impress me.  LOL

Back to the card... for the coloring of this image, I stamped out the raccoon and fussy cut her out.  I colored her normally, but then used a very light yellow marker to add the glow from the iPad to her face.  For the background, I started with yellow ink where Ready Raccoon would sit. Then from the outside in, I started with a dark blue and last black ink on the edges to close it in.  Last, I used a dark grey on the floor to ground this little rascal.

And on the inside...

Check out these stamps and so many more to add to your stash.  I hope you enjoyed this quick card and found some inspiration.  Are you following Sassy & Crafty on Instagram?  Use the links at the bottom of this post to follow us on all of our social media.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you have a Sassy & Crafty day!


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