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There for Her

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful day with family, friends and loved ones yesterday and are still celebrated togetherness. For many of us the holidays are wonderful and a great time to be around family. But there are times that being around loved ones can test a spirit. And I really thought the sentiments from "As I See It" paired with the ladies of "There for Her" were a great way to boost anyone that might be struggling this holiday season.

Maybe this was a little bit of therapy for me, but I wanted to see each of these ladies standing individually. And despite watching all seasons of Grey's Anatomy and ER, I just couldn't bring myself to perform stamp surgery, but that is always an option. I opted to just mask the other girls when inking up the one. I die cut 4 pieces of Bristol Smooth paper in 3 different sizes. Next, I stamped each girl and found a sentiment to match.

This is dedicated to the person that knows the color of her hair or the tattoos he wears might get judged at a family gathering... but they are always them! Shine bright, darling.

This is dedicated to those that really hoped someone would step up for them, but instead, they had to stand up for themselves. And that's okay! You got this!

This is dedicated to those who were doubted for so long and have found their own happiness! It was always lying within and now you can show them!

And this last little piece is dedicated to those that know how to walk away when they need to. There's nothing wrong with putting you first.

Keep in mind that even those that are smiling can be struggling, so be kind to each other. Let's be better to each other this holiday season and celebrate in UNITY.

Until next time... Happy Crafting.

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